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Video editing, done for you is an AI-video editing tool that turns your content into viral clips.
All you have to do is upload your unedited video, and takes care of the rest. 👇

AI Story Finder uses AI to find the best moments in your long video to create viral short stories. Your 30-minute video can easily turn into 10+ viral shorts.

Our algorithm is optimized to create perfect content for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

AI video editing story finder feature

Face Detection

Video Auto Crop is enhanced by powerful face detection algorithm that keeps the speaker in focus.

Face detection algorithm illustration

Trending Captions

Captions are essential for your videos because 80% of views are with sound off. automatically transcribes your videos and adds captions in popular styles. As a result, it boosts engagement, improves content comprehension, and aligns with your brand.

AI video captions

Image and Video Pop-ups enhances your stories by seamlessly integrating related images and videos. Every time a person, event, or place is mentioned, automatically finds and displays pop-up visuals to add depth and context to the narrative.

AI Video Auto B-roll feature


Our AI automatically corrects colors, adjusts brightness and contrast, and enhances image quality to ensure your videos pop on the feed.

Video auto-color feature


Emojis humanize your content, conveying tone in a simple, playful manner. automatically adds relevant emojis based on conversations in your video.

Video editing emoji captions feature

Transitions detects long scenes with potential retention dip and adds fast scene changes, zooms, and transitions to catch viewer's eye and keeps the narrative moving.

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